Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. All our assets are released under the CC0 license, meaning you can use them for absolutely any purpose, including commercial work. More about CC0 here.

Yes. The only thing you can't do is claim to be the original author or re-license them. More about the CC0 license here.

Please make it clear to your customers that these assets are free and public domain, and if possible include a link to CGI Haven.

If your product sells well, consider supporting the creation of these assets on Patreon.

At CGI Haven we believe in a trust-based relationship with our users. While we hope that the overwhelming majority of users will honor such concept, we are aware that some users might register with another email again and YES would receive additional CGI Haven credits for free.
Users are encouraged to respect the work and effort we have put into CGI Haven and in case more CGI Haven credits are needed then please support us to the Patreon program.
Our goal is to upload all of our 3D models over time. Our database currently includes over 50,000 high and low polygon models and it will take time and money to get them all uploaded.
If users really can’t afford supporting us, but have additional needs then send us an email to info@cgihaven.com and we will see on a case-by-case base if we can help.

CGI Haven does not pays commissions

In short, donations from people like you, corporate sponsors, and advertising.


We're not trying to be the next CGTrader or Turbosquid, but we do accept donated assets that meet our strict quality standards.

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